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Mission And Vision

Our mission is to motivate to all dynamic person and accelerate them in their respective field for minimize time and increase production.

The main target of our mission is to support specially Young generation,Emerging Business tycoons, Golden aged person, Newly Married couple, Teachers and national builder student for achieving their big goal.

Our vision is to cultivate born talent and hidden energy for making prosperous, fantastic and dynamic life and touch the big goal with integrity and full potential energy and making energetic, enthusiasm, prosperous and dynamic nation.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar Pravin is a motivational speaker, Rising author, Dynamic life change management coach, researcher, corporate trainer, successful enterpreneure and counselor. He started his journey as motivational speaker and researcher on Dec 2014 and his goal is to be motivational, action and dynamic results.

He is a youngest author of different publication. He is written four books on different topics likes Bade Lakshy, Zero Se Bana Hero, Mati ke Lal and Aap Bhi Safal Ho Sakate Hai. There are 3 DVD’s available. On his training lectures which also includes “How to achieve a big goal, dynamic time management and how to be a dynamic tiger, How to be topper in examination. Manglam life formula, cartoon to creator etc. His book “Bade Lakshy” and “Zero se Hero” is highly appreciated in the society.

Today, the world may know India as the third largest economy in world, with 1 million people entering the workforce every year for the next two decades.When you invite me to speak at an event or conduct a workshop in India, you invite me to open a dialogue with my peers. My knowledge of the challenges that face India doesn't come from a book, nor my observations as an outsider, but rather first-hand experience of my own culture

Know About Us

My motovational Mug always inspired me.Get your morning coffee with a dose of motivation with the following quote “Believe In Your Self

My Motivational Pen inspired me. How can one not dream while writing? It is the pen which dreams. The blank page gives the right to dream

This motivational sticker is filled with reward.These motivational stickers are perfect for kids, teachers, students.

Diaries is a observations, or any relevant information they come across. A perfect mate to carry along is in an important meeting with your ‘inner self’.

Written to provide information about self improvement. Every effort has been made to make this hand book as complete and accurate as possible.

An positive, inspiring and motivational music.Perfect for motivational videos, movies, films, trailers, teasers, travel video, family videos.

Political Resume

  • Public Affairs

    Public Affairs

    11 January, 2016

  • International Agency

    International Agency

    19 May, 2015

  • Political Correspondent

    Political Correspondent

    03 January, 2016

  • Corporate Manager

    Corporate Manager

    29 January, 2013

  • Financial Consultant

    Financial Consultant

    09 April, 2012

  • Political Commentator

    Political Commentator

    28 June, 2011